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About WSM


Company World Systems Market LLC (hereinafter referred to as the WSM) is registered at the Commercial Court based in Miami, in USA. The company is based on decision of four founders, who have been devoted in development and distribution of automatic trading systems – FOREX robots – for long years. The people involved in the company are experts with years of experience in trading on capital markets and in programming of trading robots.

WSM LLC is the creator, owner and exclusive distributor and guarantor of technically correct functioning of FOREX ROBOTS. The company owns the copyrights and licenses for (5872) automatic trading systems covering all sectors of financial markets. This database is enable to trade with one of the best FOREX ROBOTS on the market.

Clients Benefits

Clients have, based on their personal decision, a possibility to purchase a five-year license for  WSM LLC FOREX ROBOT. The guarantor of the proper technical function of the license are subsidiaries of WSM LLC, founded for this purpose in different countries.  Individual trading on the financial markets, is performed by licensed contractual partners (brokerage companies and traders in securities), who have authorization for this activity. Client has the possibility to create profit, through WSM ROBOT on his personal brokerage account, managed by his selected licensed trader in securities (broker).

WSM LLC and its subsidiaries are only and exclusive authors and distributors of FOREX ROBOTS.

We cooperate with programmers, who are leaders in their field. They develop, program and supervise the correct functioning of FOREX ROBOT.
We carefully test our FOREX ROBOTS before we put it on sale. Each robot must fulfill following three basic criteria:

1. High percentage of increasing the value of funds
2. High success rate of individual trades
3. Minimum number of loss trades

We are the exclusive creators, owners and distributors of our  WSM FOREX ROBOTS.


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Throughout the time of existence and action in trade activities of Company WSM LLC (hereinafter WSM in the USA and outside this area, the company always respects the state legislative requirements in the territories, where offers its products. The products are intended to trade on capital markets and in any case, the company doesn’t give the appearance that acts as an authorized securities dealer. So far didn’t happen that company WSM was identified by anyone as a company, which harms the interests of their clients and so far has never been identified as a company that is trying to provide illegal trade or trying to exceed the legislative of the state, where sells its products – software. Company WSM is fully aware of its responsibilities related to the possibilities and requirements for right implementation and operation of its products – „Robots” in the capital markets. Therefore, the company has never operated its products alone, but rather transmits and transmitted its products via contractual partners – Brokers with appropriate registration permissions and licenses to provide trading on Forex market! In case of whoever, who states the opposite in any way, this statement will be considered by company WSM for unauthorized interference the rights and protection of good reputation of WSM. Such an action will be considered as causing damage with appropriate responsibility for that. Company WSM has the possibility to use the law, which provide a sufficient range of resources to defend itself against such false and misleading claims.